Everyone deserves a better future

The Epiphany Lab or the epiphany lab impact session is designed to teach you how to become a futurist by helping you transform surprise into mindful anticipation by building the head by building the capacity to dissipate the unknown.

We do this by activating collective imagination to see the future by unlocking the future from within so we can use our wisdom to solve problems with courageous creativity.

Who is the Collaboratory

We harness the energy and insight of a community of people who bring wisdom, experience, and a passion for a better future by forming a Collaboratory. 

Together we guide people through the Epiphany Lab event where people can imagine the unimaginable around a particular focus area or challenge. 


Our Promise

The immersive, provocative and transformative experience builds capacity for living in an uncertain world. And unleashes the potential for a better future.

Discover the choice and agency we need to solve problems that deliver the future we want. And intentionally cultivate new mindsets, New Visions and new approaches to anticipate the emerging future.

When we create a shared vision of the future we want to live in. We know where we are going, why we are going there and whom we need to become to deliver that future.”  

– JM 

We leverage the diversity of perspectives and tap into the collective genius to generate visions for the future that meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

A pesky lab and peck session brings to first people from multi sectors together to dialogue, discover solutions and identify actions that can address the sweeping challenges of today.

Great visual experiences begin
with great conversations.

Contact us today to learn how Idea360 can help you reimagine possible futures and design a bigger and better picture to change.

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